Portada de Eleazar Mora Nino Bravo

Nino Bravo,
Una Orquesta, Una Voz 

Produced by Pedro Mauricio González, mixed by Keith Morrinson and Juan Cristobal Losada, mastered by Keith Morrinson and recorded by Juan Cristobal Losada, Tomas Cardona Rodríguez and Keith Morrinson. This production is dedicated to all those who are risking their lives to safeguard ours.


Javier Solis, Una Orquesta Y Una Voz

Produced by Pedro Mauricio González, mixed by Keith Morrinson and mastered by Andrés Mayo. He managed to unite in this production a group of orchestra musicians who gave life to some songs by the Mexican artist, Javier Solís, such as Entrega total, El Loco, Y háblame, Ojitos Locos, Llorarás, llorarás, La entrega, Cuando tú me quieras, Sombras, Sabrás que te quiero y La clave azul.


Simón: Una Orquesta, Una Voz

A production with the Symphony Orchestra of Venezuela with typical instruments of Venezuelan music (four, maracas) fused with the piano, guitar and percussion instruments giving rise to waltzes, boleros, passages and meringues.

Venezuela Habla Cantando

Venezuela Habla


Recorded in the studies of Tomas Cardona and produced by Pedro Mauricio González, it pays homage to Simón Díaz. With this production he obtained silver recognition at the Global Music Awards.

Tenor venezolano

Bella Italia

His second musical production was by Pedro Mauricio González inspired by great tenors and was entirely in Italian. This album was recorded in the Sala Ríos Reyna of the Teresa Carreño Theater with members of the National Philharmonic Orchestra of Venezuela.


R e c o r d a n d o  a

L a t i n o a m é r i c a

With his friend, Nelson Albornoz, Eleazar Mora made the decision to create a CD, together with his producer Freddy León. The result, his first ever solo CD: Recordando a Latinoamérica.